Big News…

So I did a thing. I wrote a book. Over 2 years ago. I even took a course afterwards through Litreactor on how to write Query Letters. I sent some letters out, but not enough. Gave up. Let the book sit. Figured it would just be something I said I did but never took it anywhere.

Life got busy. Our family grew and is about to grow again.

But then, an opportunity presented itself. A literary magazine that my work has been named a finalist before in their annual short story contest mentioned that they publish manuscripts. So I took a chance, sent it in, and got the good news.

My manuscript is becoming a book. It will be available in physical print as well as e-book format. I couldn’t be happier. It’s another push to keep trying, keep experimenting, and ultimately keep writing.

As the process moves along, I will provide lots of updates.

Thanks for reading and be ready for A BOOK!!!