TWO upcoming publications

I have 2 upcoming publications to brag about.

“Night at the Shockplex” will be featured on a Horror podcast known as The NIGHT’S END. This story was originally written for a prompt for a magazine about using mixed media. Unfortunately, it was rejected fairly quickly. I still liked it though and shopped around for other markets. It eventually found a home at Coffin Bell. When I first heard about Night’s End podcast, I knew I had a story that would sound great on a podcast as it was also featured on Charlotte Reader’s Podcast on my guest episode. All this goes to show, is never give up on a story. If you like it, keep shopping. Most of my writing success is simply due to me being a stubborn and determined individual.

“Family Dollar Lockdown” is a flash story I wrote in Richard Thomas’s Flash Fiction course(Just about every story I wrote in that class has been picked up. If you are looking for a great teacher who can really help you achieve success, Richard Thomas is your man. He’s also a pretty great writer himself.). Anyways, this story was harder to find a home…it’s flash, it’s horror, and it’s zombie-esque. Not the most easy story to find a market as zombie stories flood the market and most places won’t accept them anymore. But I’m happy to say that it will be published in a Lockdown Anthology through Black Hare Press…an awesome Australian publication. They put out a ton of work.

Links to both publications will be provided on here once they go live.

I’m hoping to have more updates on the novel soon. Right now I’m just in the waiting and collecting phase. Waiting for updates from the publisher and collecting book blurbs (Thanks for those that have provided one).

As always, thanks for reading my work.