And in my favorite month of the year, I can officially announce another story of mine has been accepted. “Phantom’s Keeper” will be published in Nightmare Press’s upcoming anthology, Kentucky Fried Horror. When I first heard about the anthology, I thought it was an interesting prompt…how to make Kentucky Scary…so many opportunities. The story had to take place in Kentucky and reflect it’s culture (while also being a horror story).

I discussed the idea with my husband and he simply said, “That should be easy. You’re a vet, write about horses…”

And so became “Phantom’s Keeper”. It’s a story about a man more so than a horse. An old trainer has dug himself quite a hole…he’s about to lose everything he owns and makes one last bet on his horse to win the Blue Grass Stakes. Simple enough story…but then fully sprinkled with all the wonderful elements to make it a horror story.

I will post an update when it’s officially available.

Thanks for reading my work.