And in my favorite month of the year, I can officially announce another story of mine has been accepted. “Phantom’s Keeper” will be published in Nightmare Press’s upcoming anthology, Kentucky Fried Horror. When I first heard about the anthology, I thought it was an interesting prompt…how to make Kentucky Scary…so many opportunities. The story had to take place in Kentucky and reflect it’s culture (while also being a horror story).

I discussed the idea with my husband and he simply said, “That should be easy. You’re a vet, write about horses…”

And so became “Phantom’s Keeper”. It’s a story about a man more so than a horse. An old trainer has dug himself quite a hole…he’s about to lose everything he owns and makes one last bet on his horse to win the Blue Grass Stakes. Simple enough story…but then fully sprinkled with all the wonderful elements to make it a horror story.

I will post an update when it’s officially available.

Thanks for reading my work.


It’s officially fall. It’s time for jackets, warm drinks, and that wonderful smell of campfires. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s always meant a time of new beginnings, the start of a new school year plus October is my birthday month. I love where the weather is warm in the afternoon and cold in the mornings. That wonderful time of year where you take a hoodie with you and end up taking it on and off multiple times throughout the day. Fall also means a showcase of HORROR – the coming of Halloween where we all cuddle up under the covers to watch our favorite horror tales. Horror is such a fun and versatile genre. It does well in all media – books, podcasts, movies, and videogames.

Let’s celebrate fall with a NEW PUBLICATION.

“Night at the Shockplex”, originally published at Coffin Bell, is set to go live friday in AUSTRALIA. Due to the time difference, you should be able to listen to it TOMORROW! CHECK OUT THE AWESOME GRAPHIC BELOW!

“Night at the Shockplex” is a mixed media story. A man receives an invitation to attend a brand new theater experience. It’s a fun read that sounds even better read out loud – ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR A PODCAST. When James Barnett (AKA Jimmy Horrors) contacted me about the acceptance, I was thrilled. I’m sure he will do the story justice and I can’t wait to listen.

Check it out when it goes live tomorrow…or Friday…depending what time zone you live in.

As always, thanks for reading/listening to my work

A Few Updates on recent acceptances

My story “Night at the Shockplex” is set to go live with The Night’s End podcast on September 25th at 10 am Australian time (I will post an update closer when I know what that means to US people). Check out their site in the meantime for some other great horror stories. They post a new reading once a week.

The Night’s End

My story “Family Dollar Lockdown” is set to be published in Horror #8 through Black Hare Press’s Lockdown Fiction Anthology Series. Another Australian publisher. The cover artist they have over there is amazing…here’s a sneak peak

Lockdown Horror Image

I’ll be posting updates when I know more.

As always, thanks for reading my work.

TWO upcoming publications

I have 2 upcoming publications to brag about.

“Night at the Shockplex” will be featured on a Horror podcast known as The NIGHT’S END. This story was originally written for a prompt for a magazine about using mixed media. Unfortunately, it was rejected fairly quickly. I still liked it though and shopped around for other markets. It eventually found a home at Coffin Bell. When I first heard about Night’s End podcast, I knew I had a story that would sound great on a podcast as it was also featured on Charlotte Reader’s Podcast on my guest episode. All this goes to show, is never give up on a story. If you like it, keep shopping. Most of my writing success is simply due to me being a stubborn and determined individual.

“Family Dollar Lockdown” is a flash story I wrote in Richard Thomas’s Flash Fiction course(Just about every story I wrote in that class has been picked up. If you are looking for a great teacher who can really help you achieve success, Richard Thomas is your man. He’s also a pretty great writer himself.). Anyways, this story was harder to find a home…it’s flash, it’s horror, and it’s zombie-esque. Not the most easy story to find a market as zombie stories flood the market and most places won’t accept them anymore. But I’m happy to say that it will be published in a Lockdown Anthology through Black Hare Press…an awesome Australian publication. They put out a ton of work.

Links to both publications will be provided on here once they go live.

I’m hoping to have more updates on the novel soon. Right now I’m just in the waiting and collecting phase. Waiting for updates from the publisher and collecting book blurbs (Thanks for those that have provided one).

As always, thanks for reading my work.



A Productive Quarantine

The final draft of HEALERS is complete. During this time of quarantine, I’ve learned to appreciate all the benefits that a newborn waking you up early brings. I’ve learned to love the productive mornings while I wait for the toddler to wake up. I’ve also learned to print out my chapters so that I can edit while I sit with the baby or toddler. The toddler isn’t going to know what to do without “Momma’s pen and Momma’s paper” which she constantly tries to steal in order to make her own edits. Guess I’ll have to free hand the next writing project as well.

With just 9 months left until publication, the only major thing left for the manuscript is a copyedit. It’s weird to think that this word document in front of me is soon going to be transformed into something that I can smell, hold, and swipe on my Kindle.

Next is designing the cover art. I think I am excited about that step the most.

Some have asked, what is your book about?

Well, it’s dark. And funny.

It’s the type of book that I won’t allow my kids to read until they are MUCH MUCH older…like 18.

It’s about a man who hates his job. It’s about feeling stuck. It’s about a man trying to learn to forgive himself. Think Dresden Files mixed with a Dirty Job mixed with Fight Club. Think the writings of Christopher Moore mixed with Chuck Palahniuk. It has all the good elements of a transgressive triller – sex, alcohol, snarkiness. If you like dark mixed genre things – think A24 movies and Black Mirror on Netflix, then this book is for you. It won’t be a book for everyone. But hopefully it’s a book for someone.


Update on the Novel

Time for an update.

Last time I posted I was able to share the incredibly exciting news that my novel HEALERS is being published by Adelaide Books – an independent publishing company based out of NY.

Well the world got a little crazy after that. Good thing is that people still need and love books. I know during my time at home, I’ve been able to read a good bit. Plus having a newborn at home, reading helps to pass the time when you’re up all hours of the night.

With this time at home, I’ve thankfully had time to work on the novel. I’m using this time to read through each and every chapter one last time to improve areas that I feel are week. I’m also in the process of collecting book blurbs and writing my Acknowledgement and Dedication pages. In the next coming months, the book will also go through a copyedit process.

I’m excited to get through the edits so I can work on the next project – whether that’s more short stories or a new book…that’s undecided at the time. I have a few ideas floating around that need to be fleshed out. While previously I could sit down and just crank out a short story, life is much busier with a toddler and newborn around. So I’m shifting to the planning approach, using a notebook to jot down ideas and outlines so when I do have a few hours, I can be productive and get a big chunk of words onto the page.

Now for the big update, we have a tentative publication date…or at least month.


So be on the lookout for more updates. Next big thing will be working on the cover art which I’m very excited to see. I think seeing the cover of my book with my name on it will make it all real.

Stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy the book. It’s a book that blends neo-noir, fantasy, and the transgressive into a dark rollercoaster of a tale filled with humor, tragedy, and more importantly HOPE. Because in times of uncertainty, we could all use a little hope.

As always, thanks for reading.