Jerry Fed the Tigers

Looking for something to read while watching the Olympics? Why not check out my new story “Jerry Fed the Tigers” which is published over at Ricky’s Back Yard. This is a story about Jerry – who perfects his culinary skills in an unusual manner to feed three hungry tigers.

Check it out at the link below and thanks for reading my work.

Jerry Fed the Tigers

Meeting Minutes

Another publication in the books. My story “Meeting Minutes” (published at Adelaide Literary Magazine) is the story of a PTA meeting gone wrong. Many elements of humor throughout. I’m sure many have encountered a few of the individuals portrayed in this short little story.

Read it here…

Meeting Minutes

Happy 2018

Happy New Year Everyone. Welcome to 2018. May the new year be filled new opportunities and exciting adventures.

My new year is starting off with a voting opportunity for you all. My story “Bang Bang” is a finalist for the Flash Suite Contest at Defenestrationism. Fan voting begins today! So if you have just a second while you’re nursing your hangover or on commercial break between all the bowl games, click on over and vote for my story. Link provided below. Thanks again for reading my work.

Vote for BANG BANG



My story “Bang Bang” is currently available to read at It is a finalist in the 2018 Flash Suite Contest – each day another portion of the story will be uploaded. The final installment will be uploaded on December 24th.

As this is a contest, Fan Voting is available and will take place on January 1st. I will post reminders to all readers and fans.

A little about this story…

“Bang Bang” is based on actual events. It is written in a specific style to demonstrate a change that the character goes through after a traumatic event – ‘The Event’ being the last part of the story. Many of my coworkers will recognize the title and the event in the story.

As always, thanks for reading.

Bang Bang

Maybe She’s Born With It


My latest story to go LIVE is available to read now for free at Riggwelter Press.

“Maybe She’s Born With It” is the story of an elderly woman getting ready for a date in the nursing home. It deals with the struggles of dealing with age and the struggles attempting to find dignity in lost youth.

It is humorous/satirical and sure to bring a chuckle to your day.

Click the link below to enjoy and as always, Thanks for reading my work.

Maybe She’s Born With It – Published @ Riggwelter Press November 2017

Story Inspiration

A lot of authors are often asked where they get their inspiration for their stories. So, I thought I would simplify things and include a post on it until I am able to post my next published short story (coming soon in November – be on the lookout).

My day job is a Veterinarian. I work as a general practitioner but I am very specialized. I have a strong interest/passion in dentistry. Dentistry in veterinary medicine is basically oral surgery.

I love my own pets as much as the next pet owner. But I feel they live their whole lives trying to do crazy things to injure themselves. Take my lab husky mix for example, Loki. He has a habit of “sneeze talking” to us when he wants to get our attention. I consider him the “smart dog”. But my genius dog thinks its funny to “sneeze talk” over top of the glass coffee table and this has injured his mouth on more than one occasion.

So, let’s reel this tangent in. Basically, my inspiration comes from my day job and from life. One of my most successful horror stories I’ve written is a “tooth horror” story – using medical terminology and the exact method of performing a surgical extraction as a means of horror/gore.

My flash story “Compact Luxury Model” was written as a tribute to my best friend from High School who passed away from Leukemia. I wanted to honor her in a clever way – so a story seemed like a good fit.

My stories will almost always have gore, something medical, or reflect my sarcastic personality.

Most will come from work but many ideas come from binging bad horror films (or good horror films). Netflix is wonderful.

Sometimes inspiration hits when you least expect it – a comment on your favorite morning radio show, a song lyric, a strange saying you hear in passing.

Either way, thanks for reading my work.