Benefit of Online Classes

I just recently began my 3rd online class through Litreactor. I cannot say enough good things about this site. It was original adapted for fans of Chuck Palahniuk and has become a wonderful research tool. Originally, I was hesitant to take online writing classes. However, due to my current need for a “dayjob” to pay the bills, online classes were my only option.

The first class I took was Short Story Mechanics with Richard Thomas. Richard is an incredible instructor and so personable. The main story I wrote in this class was picked up by Fantasia Divinity and is my first paid publication. My story “Extraction” was inspired from this class as well and that is currently available in Issue 11 of Massacre Magazine.

The second class I took was Keep It Brief: A Flash Fiction intensive with Richard Thomas. I enjoyed Richard’s style of teaching so much that I couldn’t resist taking another course. One of the stories I wrote in this class “The Flowering Tree” with be published at The Airgonaut in August. I currently have several other stories from this class out for submission as well.

I am currently taking Crush Your Query with Kristi Belcamino. The purpose of this is for me to end up with a Query letter worthy of picking up an agent for my novel I just finished.

I included a link to the site below. Maybe this site can provide someone else with the tools needed to push their writing to the next level.


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