Calling All Podcast Listeners…

As a member of the Charlotte Writers Club, you tend to meet a wide variety of incredibly talented writers. It was through this club that I met Landis Wade. Landis is a lawyer and author who is in the process of starting up the Charlotte Readers Podcast, a podcast to feature Charlotte area writers and to allow them to read their work. Can you think of a better way to showcase some local talent? I can’t.

The podcast is set to air in the beginning of October and will feature a different author each week. I am slated for the Halloween Edition! That episode will feature me reading 3 of my already published short horror stories. Hopefully hearing them out loud will provide a great media for these stories to come across.

So, how can you listen?

Well episode 1 is available NOW. Just check out iTunes and search for Charlotte Readers Podcast. It features an introduction to season 1 and all the authors that will appear as well as features Landis Wade himself reading one of his published stories.

Be sure to also check out the website which is currently under construction but will be available soon. Click on the link below

Charlotte Readers Podcast

Thanks again and I hope you check out the Podcast. There are some incredibly talented authors out there right in our neighborhood.

As always thanks for reading (and I guess listening to) my work


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