Write what you fear. That was the assignment from award winning horror writer Gemma Files that prompted this story. I took an online course with her where we explored our own fears and experiences and used them to develop a story. The fear that led to the best story at the time was my personal fear of parasites. Not necessarily the idea of parasites in general (afterall, I deal with them during everyday life as a Veterinarian) but the idea of being controlled by something unknown. I was scared to write this story at first because there are so many parasite stories out there in the horror genre. So naturally, I found a way to make it different. Using my knowledge base and my love of writing “body horror” this is what came up. Thankfully it was picked up by a great magazine that was getting a reboot – Sanitarium. Click on the links below for the magazine and give some love to the other authors and the magazine itself. As always, thanks for reading my work.

Sanitarium Issue 1 – Print Edition

Sanitarium Issue 1 – Kindle Edition

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