It’s officially fall. It’s time for jackets, warm drinks, and that wonderful smell of campfires. Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s always meant a time of new beginnings, the start of a new school year plus October is my birthday month. I love where the weather is warm in the afternoon and cold in the mornings. That wonderful time of year where you take a hoodie with you and end up taking it on and off multiple times throughout the day. Fall also means a showcase of HORROR – the coming of Halloween where we all cuddle up under the covers to watch our favorite horror tales. Horror is such a fun and versatile genre. It does well in all media – books, podcasts, movies, and videogames.

Let’s celebrate fall with a NEW PUBLICATION.

“Night at the Shockplex”, originally published at Coffin Bell, is set to go live friday in AUSTRALIA. Due to the time difference, you should be able to listen to it TOMORROW! CHECK OUT THE AWESOME GRAPHIC BELOW!

“Night at the Shockplex” is a mixed media story. A man receives an invitation to attend a brand new theater experience. It’s a fun read that sounds even better read out loud – ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR A PODCAST. When James Barnett (AKA Jimmy Horrors) contacted me about the acceptance, I was thrilled. I’m sure he will do the story justice and I can’t wait to listen.

Check it out when it goes live tomorrow…or Friday…depending what time zone you live in.

As always, thanks for reading/listening to my work


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