Updates and Reflections on a New Year

Just a little update for those of you still following along…

Thankfully, my first novel, HEALERS, is still on schedule to be published in February 2021. With Covid, pre-production has been delayed. But everything is still on schedule. Be on the look out for TONS of updates as the big day draws near…cover photos, book signings, and all the info about when and where you can get a copy.

While so much bad is and will be associated with 2020, a lot of GOOD has come out of it for me as well.

It is the year my son, Jacob, was born. It was the year that I found creativity as an outlet again and started writing again after taking off close to 2 years. It was also a year of family, finding ways to have fun and create memories with my little family and drawing closer with my work family. It was also the year I started my 2nd novel. With hope and tons of determination, hopefully you all will get to see that in print some day as well. I’m up to over 20,000 words…averaging 10K+ words a month. With rewrites and editing and shopping for publishers +/- agents, we’re looking at easily 2-3 yrs out. But I found a way to put words on the page and I’m grateful for that.

So as always, thanks for reading and updates will be provided soon.

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