Update on the Novel

Time for an update.

Last time I posted I was able to share the incredibly exciting news that my novel HEALERS is being published by Adelaide Books – an independent publishing company based out of NY.

Well the world got a little crazy after that. Good thing is that people still need and love books. I know during my time at home, I’ve been able to read a good bit. Plus having a newborn at home, reading helps to pass the time when you’re up all hours of the night.

With this time at home, I’ve thankfully had time to work on the novel. I’m using this time to read through each and every chapter one last time to improve areas that I feel are week. I’m also in the process of collecting book blurbs and writing my Acknowledgement and Dedication pages. In the next coming months, the book will also go through a copyedit process.

I’m excited to get through the edits so I can work on the next project – whether that’s more short stories or a new book…that’s undecided at the time. I have a few ideas floating around that need to be fleshed out. While previously I could sit down and just crank out a short story, life is much busier with a toddler and newborn around. So I’m shifting to the planning approach, using a notebook to jot down ideas and outlines so when I do have a few hours, I can be productive and get a big chunk of words onto the page.

Now for the big update, we have a tentative publication date…or at least month.


So be on the lookout for more updates. Next big thing will be working on the cover art which I’m very excited to see. I think seeing the cover of my book with my name on it will make it all real.

Stay tuned and I hope you all enjoy the book. It’s a book that blends neo-noir, fantasy, and the transgressive into a dark rollercoaster of a tale filled with humor, tragedy, and more importantly HOPE. Because in times of uncertainty, we could all use a little hope.

As always, thanks for reading.


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