A Productive Quarantine

The final draft of HEALERS is complete. During this time of quarantine, I’ve learned to appreciate all the benefits that a newborn waking you up early brings. I’ve learned to love the productive mornings while I wait for the toddler to wake up. I’ve also learned to print out my chapters so that I can edit while I sit with the baby or toddler. The toddler isn’t going to know what to do without “Momma’s pen and Momma’s paper” which she constantly tries to steal in order to make her own edits. Guess I’ll have to free hand the next writing project as well.

With just 9 months left until publication, the only major thing left for the manuscript is a copyedit. It’s weird to think that this word document in front of me is soon going to be transformed into something that I can smell, hold, and swipe on my Kindle.

Next is designing the cover art. I think I am excited about that step the most.

Some have asked, what is your book about?

Well, it’s dark. And funny.

It’s the type of book that I won’t allow my kids to read until they are MUCH MUCH older…like 18.

It’s about a man who hates his job. It’s about feeling stuck. It’s about a man trying to learn to forgive himself. Think Dresden Files mixed with a Dirty Job mixed with Fight Club. Think the writings of Christopher Moore mixed with Chuck Palahniuk. It has all the good elements of a transgressive triller – sex, alcohol, snarkiness. If you like dark mixed genre things – think A24 movies and Black Mirror on Netflix, then this book is for you. It won’t be a book for everyone. But hopefully it’s a book for someone.


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