Story Inspiration

A lot of authors are often asked where they get their inspiration for their stories. So, I thought I would simplify things and include a post on it until I am able to post my next published short story (coming soon in November – be on the lookout).

My day job is a Veterinarian. I work as a general practitioner but I am very specialized. I have a strong interest/passion in dentistry. Dentistry in veterinary medicine is basically oral surgery.

I love my own pets as much as the next pet owner. But I feel they live their whole lives trying to do crazy things to injure themselves. Take my lab husky mix for example, Loki. He has a habit of “sneeze talking” to us when he wants to get our attention. I consider him the “smart dog”. But my genius dog thinks its funny to “sneeze talk” over top of the glass coffee table and this has injured his mouth on more than one occasion.

So, let’s reel this tangent in. Basically, my inspiration comes from my day job and from life. One of my most successful horror stories I’ve written is a “tooth horror” story – using medical terminology and the exact method of performing a surgical extraction as a means of horror/gore.

My flash story “Compact Luxury Model” was written as a tribute to my best friend from High School who passed away from Leukemia. I wanted to honor her in a clever way – so a story seemed like a good fit.

My stories will almost always have gore, something medical, or reflect my sarcastic personality.

Most will come from work but many ideas come from binging bad horror films (or good horror films). Netflix is wonderful.

Sometimes inspiration hits when you least expect it – a comment on your favorite morning radio show, a song lyric, a strange saying you hear in passing.

Either way, thanks for reading my work.

Compact Luxury Model


My story “Compact Luxury Model” is LIVE and available to view for free at Ghost Parachute. This is a story I wrote in a Flash Fiction course taught by Richard Thomas. The theme was writing with one emotion in mind. The emotion I chose was loss/mourning. I chose this because as a Doctor, I am trained to not show this emotion so wanted to accept the challenge.

The story took a few edits but eventually I got it right. The artwork is spectacular and truly depicts the heart of the story. This is a great online magazine with some cool stories. Check it out at the link below…

Compact Luxury Model

Benefit of Online Classes

I just recently began my 3rd online class through Litreactor. I cannot say enough good things about this site. It was original adapted for fans of Chuck Palahniuk and has become a wonderful research tool. Originally, I was hesitant to take online writing classes. However, due to my current need for a “dayjob” to pay the bills, online classes were my only option.

The first class I took was Short Story Mechanics with Richard Thomas. Richard is an incredible instructor and so personable. The main story I wrote in this class was picked up by Fantasia Divinity and is my first paid publication. My story “Extraction” was inspired from this class as well and that is currently available in Issue 11 of Massacre Magazine.

The second class I took was Keep It Brief: A Flash Fiction intensive with Richard Thomas. I enjoyed Richard’s style of teaching so much that I couldn’t resist taking another course. One of the stories I wrote in this class “The Flowering Tree” with be published at The Airgonaut in August. I currently have several other stories from this class out for submission as well.

I am currently taking Crush Your Query with Kristi Belcamino. The purpose of this is for me to end up with a Query letter worthy of picking up an agent for my novel I just finished.

I included a link to the site below. Maybe this site can provide someone else with the tools needed to push their writing to the next level.



My latest story is in the latest issue of Massacre Magazine.


It’s a tooth related horror story available for all Kindle devices. It includes some other great stories too for all your nightmare induced needs. Check it out for yourself…

Massacre Magazine – Issue 11

They also took the time to create an author spotlight. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive market to help me gain exposure.

Check out my spotlight here…

Massacre Author Spotlight

The Locket

My first official publication to launch was a short story entitled “The Locket”. It appeared at The Scarlet Leaf Review back in March of this year. I took a lot of risks with this story and was happy with the end result. I was thrilled the day it got picked up because this was the first story I wanted to share.

It is about a teenage girl who receives a mysterious recording for her birthday from her presumed deceased father. The recording takes her on a journey and down memory lane and eventually to a place where she must make a decision.

I’ve provided the link here in hopes of promoting my story as well as this great online magazine that took a chance on me.

The Locket – Published @ The Scarlet Leaf Review, March 2017

Welcome Readers

Hello Readers,

My name is Brooke Reynolds and I am from Pennsylvania but currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. I’m a veterinarian by day and a writer by night. This site will be dedicated to my writing where I will post links to publications and to provide an easier platform to access my stories.

I write fiction. I typically write in the horror, neo-noir, or transgressive satire genres. I originally started writing as a hobby/nice break from the stress of my day job. In July of 2016, I decided to take my writing seriously after I met a personal hero of mine at a book signing…Mr. Chuck Palahniuk. Not enough wonderful things can be said about that man.

Fight Club

He gave me the motivation I needed. So I found a local writing club, signed up for a critique group, joined a few websites, and took a few classes through Litreactor. I figured I’d give myself 3-5 years of studying writing and if I didn’t publish during that time, then writing would remain just a hobby. It’s been a year and I have a few publications under my belt so I thought it was time to create a website. I have several more upcoming publications and am currently in the process of writing what will be my first novel.

I hope you enjoy what I have to offer and above all else, thank you for reading my work.

-Brooke Reynolds